International Librarianship Resources

I am a librarian,a traveler, and a writer, and thus have followed the developments in the world of international librarianship from 1980 onwards.  While there is a fair amount of scholarly research available on the subject, practical information and advice has, until recent times, been sketchy and difficult to locate.

Because I was determined and dedicated to my goal, when an opportunity finally came my way in 1996, I grabbed it and (with only three weeks notice) coerced my husband into flying off to northern Brazil with me.  Thus began a thirteen year odyssey in libraries in six different countries.

Whenever I return home people ask me how I did it.  To answer the question, I wrote an article for School Library Journal (2001). Strangers in Paradise outlines what the life of an international school librarian is like and includes resources on how to become one.  I have also published a newer, broader-based article for Library Journal called Going International! (2009).  And finally, I continue to travel and speak whenever possible...

The Resources listed here (see links at left) are an updated and expanded list.  They include academic librarianship as well as the fairly newly launched review sites.  If you are aware of a great resource that I have not included please send me the link.  And, if you have any questions, or a story to tell yourself, I would love to hear from you.


Sarah in Buraydah, Saudi Arabia, 1998