Job Sites

Academic and public librarians are generally recruited from specific online job sites. Recruitment is year-round though there tends to be more positions posted in the spring.

American Library Associations job site. (ALA does not have an international category, therefore you must click on 'not-applicable' in the States search box.

Chronicle of Higher Education

The Chronicle has recently changed their job site to 'Vitae'. Unfortunately, it is now impossible to search for ‘international’ and ‘librarian’ positions together. There are two options: Search by position type (choose Administrative and enter Librarian as a keyword) and then scroll through the positions looking for the international locations. Or, choose ‘International’ in the Location field (and enter Librarian as a keyword).

The Canadian Library Association regularly posts jobs in their ‘overseas’ section. Sometimes only Canadians may apply but often the listing is open to all.

Higher Ed Jobs
Posts both the highest number and the most varied jobs.  There are two methods for searching for international library positions.  One is by searching under Libraries and then clicking on 'Location'.  International positions will normally appear first. The other is to search under International. As with the Chronicle you must then click on each country to look at which positions are available at what insititutions.

IFLA JobList x

Chronological list of jobs posted by IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions) but not all are international.