About The Author



My writing name is Sarah P. Gibson and    I am a librarian and I a traveler in addition to being a writer. Actually, I call myself a storymaker because I love stories in all forms. Reading is one of my top choices but I also love stories in live action form and have enjoyed sharing storytelling in various places…campfires in Saudi Arabia…library basements in Maine…

My latest venture is podcasting. My publisher was kind enough to give me permission to post Chapter Four and my hope is that folks will give it a listen and then be able to have a discussion on the difference between reading versus listening to a story.

Or, if you would like me to come read and then lead the discussion, great!  Please see my Author Visits! page for further details. As a school media specialist with many years experience, I have a fairly high comfort level in being able to create effective programs for many different age ranges.  Having said that…I am very passionate about books, libraries, storytelling, and international travel, and it unlikely that any program would not include those elements in some way, shape, or form.

If you would like to hear about upcoming projects and events then I please join my mailing list. If you have a question, or a comment, or a story to share…contact me!