Great Horse Books & More

I’m pretty choosy about horse books because I can’t stand those stories where both the horse and the rider are perfect and wonderful and yuck...

Here’s my list of stories that have the ring of truth:

Young Adult Novels
Beware the Mare – Jessie Haas
Black Beauty – Anna Sewall
The Black Stallion – Walter Farley
Blood Red Horse – K.M. Grant
I Rode a Horse of Milk White Jade – Diane Lee Wilson
My Friend Flicka – Mary O’Hara
National Velvet – Enid Bagnold
Paint the Wind – Pam Munoz Ryan
Riding Freedom – Pam Munoz Ryan
Thunderhead – Mary O’Hara
The Wild One – Terri Farley

Chapter Books
Five True Horse Stories – Margaret Davidson
King of the Wind – Marguerite Henry
Little Horse – Betsy Byars
Misty of Chincoteague – Marguerite Henry
Runaway Radish – Jessie Haas
The Truth About Horses… - Sarah Gibson

How to Think Like a Horse – Cherry Hill
The Kid’s Horse Book – Sylvia Funston
Riata Ranch Cowboy Girls – Tom Maier
The World According to Horses… - Stephen Budiansky

Chester – Syd Hoff
Runaway Radish – Jessie Haas
The Horse in Harry’s Room – Syd Hoff
Pal and Sal – R.A. Herman
Robert the Rose Horse – Joan Heilbroner

Picture Books
Billy and Blaze – C.W. Anderson
Blackie, the Horse Who Stood Still – Christopher Cerf
Chestnut – Constance W. McGeorge
Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa – Erica Silverman
The Finest Horse in Town – Jacqueline Briggs Martin
Fritz and the Beautiful Horses – Jane Brett
Gift Horse – S.D. Nelson
The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses – Paul Goble
My Pony – Susan Jeffers
Tera’s Dawn – Susan K. Schank
Twist and Ernest – Laura T. Barnes
Widdermaker – Pattie L. Schnetzler
Winter’s Gift – Jane Monroe Donovan

Young Rider

Horse Network
An incredibly long list of horsey websites for kids.